AMTD Research - 8 November 2017

Global FinTech Survey Report - An era of borderless innovation

Global FinTech industry is entering an era of globalization, driven by FinTech players’ ambition of going global through overseas investments and partnership. Chinese FinTech companies are particularly active on this front to export their technology and expand their customer base oversea. Asian investors are also increasingly interested in investment opportunities in FinTech sector in overseas markets. In this report, we try to identify important trends investors should pay attention to through conversations with global FinTech leaders and surveys with Asian FinTech investors.

We start off by comparing the two largest FinTech markets in the world – China and the US. We highlight that Chinese FinTech giants offer a vision of a one-stop shop model of FinTech for global FinTech industry.

In the second section, we collect insights from global Fintech entrepreneurs and pioneers and try to identify unique trends in the global Fintech industry that investors need to understand. We engaged in-depth conversations with global FinTech entrepreneurs including Ron Suber (former President of Prosper), Renaud Laplanche (Founder and CEO of Upgrade) and Soul Htite (Co-founder and CEO of China based Dianrong) at FINTalks co-organized by FinEx Asia, AMTD Group and Dianrong in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tawian.

In the last part, we collected responses from Asian investors at the AMTD-LendIt Global FinTech Investment Summit where 34 executives from top FinTech firms met 200 Asian investors in Hong Kong.