Business Strategies

A core team well-acquainted with local cultures + international markets and best practices

The AMTD team comprises experienced professionals across various fields from international investment banks and financial institutions in the Greater China Region. The team is well-acquainted with local Chinese/Hong Kong cultures while maintaining a global vision

Fully-licensed financial services platform capitalizing on its full value-chain ecosystem

AMTD Group is a one-stop financial solutions provider deeply rooted in Hong Kong. The Group has also rapidly established presence in China and played an active role in recent ASEAN developments. Leveraging the advantage of a full-licensed platform and taking clients’ needs as priority, deep, AMTD is committed to providing in-depth, detailed and industry-leading services to clients in its diversified ecosystem. Meanwhile, AMTD provides tailor-made solutions for clients based on their needs, especially for long-term and sustainable services

Best-positioned to achieve rapid growth empowered by favorable incentivized plan and policies

Latest Chinese policies and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) reforms are both significantly boosting activities and performance in HK’s financial market. Vast demand for top-tier financial services is creating a Golden Era for financial services in HK, in which AMTD is well-positioned to enjoy the rapid growth as the market leader among local peers

The only ONE Hong Kong headquartered player with unrivalled investment banking capabilities

AMTD is distinctively different when compared to any investment bank/broker in the market. We are the only ONE Hong Kong headquartered player who serves clients having local business needs, leveraging our global business perspectives and special emphasis on the efficiency of service

Acting as the “super connector” to facilitate the development of Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area; providing services for mainland China and rest of the world

Through the AMTD team’s continued efforts in recent years, the AMTD brand has surprised the market by proving itself as the most prominent and the only successful emerging investment bank in the recent decade. AMTD is not only known for its successful business performance and rapid acquisition of market shares, but we have also become one of the most important supporting forces for the sustainable developments of Hong Kong

Established strategic position to duly ride on New Economy opportunities

AMTD has the deepest involvements in the New Economy sectors among peers and we have invested a vast amount of resources along the entire value-chain. In particular, AMTD constantly expands its investments in the Fintech and artificial intelligence sectors globally for the discovery and incubation of outstanding enterprises with advanced productivity and innovative technology. All the invested firms are global leaders with massive growth potential

Exclusive partnerships with a wide variety of PRC financial institutions

AMTD, as a local yet truly international investment bank, provides tailored services to our banking partners. Through in-depth cooperation and highly discretionary control on these banking capital pools at AMTD, we are actively expanding services to cover new segments beyond our current setup